Bracelegs is a California-based lifestyle brand, focused heavily on art and design. With a goal to support local and global artists, the project was launched October 1st, 2015 by two best friends, Nathan Ryan and Jodi Homan. Though it began as a hobby, Bracelegs quickly snowballed into a business and art collective. 
The initial idea stemmed from Nate creating a digital piece of art that he wanted to bring to life on a physical medium. Soon after, his drawing became an enamel pin, and he hasn't looked back since. Bracelegs strives to continue working with artists around the world, turning their work into wearable, memorable pieces of art. 

About Jodi: Born and raised in North Dakota, Jodi attended MSUM to study graphic design. She has a love for American traditional tattoos and just about any cup of coffee that isn't Starbucks. 

About Nate: Native to California, Nate has a love for beaches, palm trees, neon signs, and flamingos.